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Film (mis)Interpretation

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Some believe that the interpretation of film belongs to the viewer; this view is shared by many filmmakers (who choose not to discuss the intent of their work) and the uninformed who feel that their opinion counts.  In the case of the former, filmmakers have ulterior motives for not sharing their views on film; for example, their statement may not favorably resonate with the audience who may fall out of favor with a filmmaker deemed too political (i.e. un-American/unpatriotic or subversive).  In the case of the latter, the uninformed base their opinion on limited viewings and on limited scenes and do not fully deconstruct the entire film or a filmmaker’s body of work.

As a note of caution to filmmakers who take a vow of silence and prefer the audience to judge their work, your film can be misinterpreted especially if it contains questionable material.

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